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You are a scout, patrolling an unknown "government" test facility. While on duty an incident occurs, a dead body is found, and you get wrapped up in far more than just a day job.

Survive a truly shapeless space of pure discovery and full of threats, guided only by the pulse of your radio's tracker. Find things not meant for your eyes, discover new ground, and truly [REDACTED], all whilst being completely and utterly alone... or are you?

An experimental "Sequel" to: https://hipposcripter.itch.io/lost-direction 


Wanted to try out some more traditional gameplay in lost direction's engine, cant keep making the same gameplay narrative over and over eh? While not necessarily set in the backrooms, radio disturbance does share the same inspirations as lost direction.


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dying in dive teleports you to story please try to fix

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A good idea and great atmosphere, but I didn't get far because of the deaths without any warning at the start. I'd be reading a message and it would suddenly say MIA and I'd have to start again. That's really frustrating! Either give a warning, or a chance to survive, or at least a clue what to do after the first death. Still, there is a lot of potential here. :-)

(This one didn't work in Linux, just as a point for Linux users.)

Hey there thanks for the feedback, if you're talking about the death that occurs after finding the door, thats intentional. Taking the obvious route and responding to the messages can get you killed, try ignoring the first check in message and see what happens


Yep, it was the first door! Your approach sounds interesting, but maybe some hint to the player that they will die if they respond? Even after dying I had no idea that was the cause! Is there some in-game reason that could be worked out, as to why answering a radio immediately kills you? You could then give a hint at that after death. Just thinking of how you can make sure players don't give up at that point. :-) It's a really ominous-seeming scenario, so it would be good to make sure they experience the full thing. Good luck!


Okay i like this game BUT

The camera sway is wayyy to much, it give me motion sickness

The monster is so fast and unstoppable

The Guns is useless

I didn't finish the game because of it but overall i like this concept.


Hello!! I loved the game, only played a little but the graphics are extremely rich and I really like how u made this game

But there's a little question I need to make, what are the minimun requirements to play this game? Because I was playing and my cooler started to make a really loud noise, like it was getting hot really fast or working really hard to process the game


Heyo, thanks for reaching out. The game should run fine on most setups, it is made in unreal so it will demand more of your graphics card (hence the cooler getting louder). It should not demand enough of your setup to be harmful

Yeah, I expected that the game would demand more of my Graphics Card, but I thought it was strange because my computer can support alot of games on Max settings, so I went here to ask you what could have happened since my PC can run so many games on maximum except for Radio Disturbance

gotcha, its prolly because radio disturbance uses fully dynamic lighting and volumetric fog. Since its a jam game its not exactly the most optimized game.


No problem!! But thanks anyways for responding, although I can't play the game properly, I looked some videos for more info and I really loved it

please make a fps multiplayer game like RainbowSixSiege with this kind of graphics and animations, i like it!


Love this game. It's a worthy sequel to Lost Direction. It may be hard to find the right way to progress in the game however it's still fun. Dying did not stop me from trying harder and again. I really enjoy it, will definetly try it again to reach the Ending and find more than merely 1 Secret.  As someone who played about 2 hours I can just say slow walk a lot and look out for puddles. (I love you developer, keep up the amazing work <3)  Definetly 5 stars from me for the game chef lol


The atmosphere and concept of this game was truly terrifying, at the start, this felt phenomenal. Unfortunately the game falls short on pretty much everything else. The enemies are no threat as they don't actually do anything, not sure why i even had a weapon. The flashlight moving could be tedious as well. This has ALOT of potential to be something truly scary if a few things are added.

I made a video on your game if you'd like to give it a watch :)

thanks for the feedback! since launch i believe that i have found the cause for the issues with the Ai, pushing a build towmorrow with all the fixes and some new content!


Cool, excited to try it out !


The over-exaggerated arm/cam movements really prevent any sort of immersion. Adding a slider for them like in Lost-Direction would be nice.

After the jumping-tutorial I come to a hallway intersection whose entrance is blocked by a pillar, and cannot progress.


thanks for the feedback
you may need to walk through the dark in some places, the path forward may not be obvious and sometimes, in-action is best


I'll give it another try, thanks! I did try walking through the dark pillar, but was unable to move forward.


Got past the pillar, now I'm at the grey thing. Running down each hallway, slow-walking down each hallway, and standing still doing nothing all get me KIA.


remember sometimes in-action and not responding to the radio calls is best