Radio Disturbance Major Update - Transmission B

A massive update focused on improving gameplay, expanding the lore more, and adding more variety to the levels. New usable items have been added, new threats roam the halls, and there are even more secrets to discover.


  • New Threats 52
  • New Anomalies
  • More story 65
  • More Lore
  • No-clipping out of 64 bounds results in [REDACTED] 
  • You cant run forever 61
  • Added new environmental details
  • Added increased firepower
  • Added radioactivity
  • Added specialized 63 equipment 
  • Added more environmental and immersive sounds
  • Added 74 more readable documents  
  • Upgraded visuals


  • Pistol has limited ammo  6F
  • Improved flare fx
  • Improved radio sound detection fx
  • Improved handling of items 72 when moving  
  • Re-wrote main ending
  • Some special story rooms can spawn in the Dive gamemode
  • Increased the sound radius for sprinting
  • Updated post-game 0A completion secrets


  • Fixed a major bug preventing the spawning of special rooms
  • Fixed invisible wall in opening area
  • Removed debug kill button
  • Improved small tunnel navigation
  • Fixed an animation bug regarding item animations
  • Fixed radio blocking item interactions
  • Fixed Nextbot gamemode
  • Fixed some bugs relating to alerting [REDACTED] in the opening

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Jun 27, 2022

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More story, new things. Thats cool update!