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Hunt eldritch horrors, rearrange the environment to your advantage, scavenge for loot and ammo, and dive into the Abyss.

Abyss Diver is a rogue-like-dungeon-crawler, except you build the dungeons. make it more challenging for better rewards, synergize dangerous tiles, or optimize it for a quick escape. Find and loot a variety of weapons, attachments, and gear. Survive hellish monstrosities and pray you don't run out of ammo.

Throw and roll tile dice, from there they can be added to your ever growing dungeon, your goal is to reach crystal (diamond icon), which will up the challenge and advance the level. However this is not about simply finding the one clean path to the goal, sometimes tiles wont link up in ways that help you, sometimes you will need to think outside the cube.

- Asset Credits -
Menu Music By Will Leamon

Combat Music By Joe Reynolds - Professorlamp

- Control Reference -

  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Space - Dash, Hold for long dash
  • E - Interact
  • Left Mouse - Use Held Item/Drag DIce
  • Mouse Wheel - Cycle Items
  • R[Hold] - Insert Bullets (Magnum, Shotguns, Etc.)
  • R[Tap] - Swap Mag (Pistol, Smg, Etc.)
  • B - Enter overview

Note: Jam version contains various bugs such as softlocks, difficulty curve issues, and more.


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AbyssDiver.zip (Jam Build) 385 MB
Abyss Diver EXP1.zip (Update 1) 390 MB

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Lovely game I enjoy it a lot however as mentioned above it's very difficult and thus very frustrating but I think it could be a game I would play more than once if it was a bit easier. Can't wait for the patch in a few days! <3