Face the harsh death games of PWNED

PWNED is a battle royale game focused on FUN

every enemy you face is controlled by AI meaning no lag, if you die, its your fault!

Drop onto planets, gather weapons, and fight to the death with 100 enemies!

Play solo or together locally with up to 4 players!

Equip and arsenal of 30+ guns, grenades, and gear! find which works best for you or make do without!

Explore 4 different and unique plants with their own environment and hazards!



NOTE: you may want to customize controls, do this by hitting ESCAPE and clicking GAMEPAD CONFIG

this works great with controllers! note that you still shoot in the direction you move

Mouse and keyboard? click MOUSE in the before game menu to set which player uses the mouse! (Bottom left)

MOVE (<^>v)

SHOOT/USE (A) hold to use items


SWITCH (Y) swap to the next item in your inventory, note you cannot switch to a previous item, you must cycle through all of your items

AIM by pushing (X) this makes you take less damage, lets you aim freely, and prevents you from moving

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withTIC-80
TagsLocal Co-Op, Procedural Generation, Retro, TIC-80, Top down shooter
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer