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Dive into a procedurally generated space station as you try to detonate the reactor...

And get out alive.

INTERCEPT seats you as the crew OR the monster, play with friends against an AI terror or go head to head in an asymmetric survival horror experience.

As the CREW 

scavenge for supplies, weapons, and tools to aid your escape. power all the generators to surge the reactor, but be careful, there is a menace roaming the halls. 

As the ALIEN

 hunt down the crew, use your abilities and stalk your prey, but if they succeed you must escape, as long as the escape pod leaves with you on it, they'll have nowhere to run.


 includes a variety of high-security areas, elevators, and turns that provides a unique environment every game.

Intercept is a renewal of an old game mode, upgraded and redesigned as a free standalone game.

Did you enjoy the game? we have a sequel coming soon that we post about on the discord server! You can even join the beta there!


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